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Welcome! I’m Chad Patten, and this is my personal website, now in its seventh or eighth incarnation (I’ve lost track).

I live in Aurora, Colorado. I have a wife, Jennie, to whom I’ve been married for four years. We have two beautiful daughters, Sabrina (6), and Bianca (5). We live with our dog Audrey in a townhome just outside the city limits.

I work as a Senior Software Engineer for Raytheon. I work there on satellite software. I’ve been with Raytheon for over 7 years now, after a long stint of unemployment following my layoff from Quark.

My bachelor’s degree from the University of Oklahoma is in Computer Engineering. I graduated cum laude in May 2000. Since moving back to Denver, which is my home town, I used to be involved quite a bit with the OU Club of Colorado, but I haven’t been attending many club functions of late. The club organizes football and March Madness watch parties, an annual golf tournament, and gives scholarships to Colorado high schoolers to attend OU. The Club is the largest outside of Oklahoma and Texas, and they’re always adding new things to the schedule.

I spend quite a bit of my free time with Mischief Managed Entertainment, which is the non-profit theatrical company behind Avistrum Academy of Sorcery. It’s not really what it sounds like – it’s really a interactive experience for children and adults alike which is set in a fictional school of wizardry like Hogwarts of the Harry Potter books. In addition to playing the character of Professor Polonius Aberfoyle, and serving on the Board of Directors, I maintain the websites and supervise box office operations for the company.

I love sports, movies, music, and politics. I am an ardent supporter of Free Software (also known as Software Libré). I don’t have a really strong party affiliation, although I am a registered Democrat. I take issue with the party on some issues, especially abortion; I have been a strong Pro-Lifer since I was a high schooler. You would think that makes me a Republican, and for a long time it did. However, I have come to the conclusion that the GOP pays only lip service to turning the tide of abortion, and uses it solely to keep moderate Christians (like myself) in the party. On most other issues, I support the Democratic Party’s platform more the the Republicans. I won’t allow my Pro-Life position to be used as a “mandate” for so many of the causes championed by the neo-conservatives and religious nutcases in the Republican party. The one area in which both parties are very wrong is in copyright and patent law. If there is one issue where I’m more of a Libertarian, it’s that. I would recommend everyone subscribe to the Electronic Frontier Foundation‘s newsletters and get active: the erosion of the public’s rights in copyright and patents is eating away at the economic, scientific, literary, and democratic foundations of America.


Something I’ve always liked to do on this page is list my favorite sports teams, movies, TV shows, and bands:


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