One response to “Blair Makes the Case”

  1. Jason Vaughan

    Here here!

    War is never a good option but there is sometimes a case for it when doing nothing is worse than doing something. Sadam has played the UN for too long and he always goes to the brink and retreats just before the last minute. As a result, he was making the UN a laughing stock.

    There were causalties, 130 or so friendly troops. 130 people were killed in spain over the Easter bank holiday. 2,000 or so civilians were also killed but Sadam could have murdered many more than this and there is always the possibility that one or both of the big market massacres were caused by Iraq.

    US and UK have done a noble deed in sorting this out. However, what will be remembered will be how the country is restructured. The US stated that it would give most o the re-structuring contracts to US companies and they will probably keep a presence. This I feel is a mistake. The US and UK have toi ensure that country is handed back safefly and not benefit directly from this. This will win some much needed respect in the Arab world. If US or UK are seen as plundering a fallen nation, it will have done more harm than good. Yes we spent a vast amount of money and many many sacrifices but we must show that we did not do this for personal gain.