One response to “Regime Change Begins at Home”

  1. Terry

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I however don’t think of myself as wrong, nor should you, for getting caught up in the enthusiasm to go after Saddam. Many of us did.

    Bush led us into the war and with all the commissions and hindsight we can say it’s bad. And the bad reasons for going to war are certainly bad. My first impression of Bush attacking Iraq was to finish the job his daddy didn’t finish. So i didn’t trust it from the start.

    My hindsight tells me that we didn’t do enough. We sit around here in America and enjoy our luxury and excess. And we claim to have great ideals and everything, but yet we sit around and see the rest of the world in the mess it is in and do nothing, because we don’t want to mess up our good thing. (This also explains the countries current problem with outsourcing. We have outsourced since America became America so it isn’t new. Americans became to complacent. We have always been a part of a global community, and change was inevitable. The rest of the world was going to catch up eventually and now it has, Americans forgot how to adapt and change. And now that we isolated ourselves in our laps of luxury, we feel bad! Poor us, we should have been watching out for our global brothers and sisters in the world long before this. Then maybe these wars wouldn’t have been necassary in the first place!).

    This terrorism business, like organized crime and drugs has gone on way to long. We make movies about it and glamorize it in so many ways and what we need to do is stomp it like a bug.

    The gains we have made in gaining intellegence on terrorism networks and the initial start we made in Afganistan and Iraq shouldn’t be wasted. We should be putting more pressure on these people. I don’t pretend to think we can wipe it out, but we should make it more of a priority.

    I wish is could live this way but my final comment is so hard to do, ‘If we see something wrong and don’t do anything about it, who is to blame, us or the perpertrators?’.