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  1. Paul

    I have to agree with you, Chad. I want to add that the time for involvement is now, not in 2008 when we have another presidential election or in 2006 in the next House race. If you get involved in your party at a local level, you can have a big effect. You can get ideas put into the party platform. You will help decide who your party will endorse in elections. It’s not a lot of work or time. I spend two Saturdays each year on official business with the DFL.

    Get involved locally. You would be amazed at the power you have. Attend your local caucuses and conventions. These are advertised in the paper, but you can find out by contacting your city council representative or anybody in your neighborhood who once held a public office. Your local party website might have a calendar of events. For a rules junkie like you, it is an opportunity to use Robert’s Rules once in a while.

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