2 responses to “Dear Mr. Cruise”

  1. Paul

    Tom Cruise wields English like a foreign language. He is speaking, so we can be somewhat flexible about rules of grammar (although his errors require the flexibility of a contortionist). His rhetorical errors should not be forgiven. For example, “Scientifically, you can prove that.” I am sure that I cannot. Perhaps what he should have said is, “It has been shown that…in a study done by Dr. X. Crackpot…published in the Washington Times.” Tom, when you present a thesis, you need to present supporting evidence. If said evidence does not exist, perhaps you should reconsider the thesis.

  2. Jynnan Tonnyx » Archives » Brilliant!

    […] As a follow-up to my previous invective-laden diatribe, I thought you’d be interested to see that the same people who brought us welovetheiraqiinformationminister.com are at it again with tomcruiseisnuts.com. I particularly love their “disclaimer” at the bottom: Our use of the term “nuts” is meant, as defined in Webster’s, as a reference to an “eccentric” person. That’s all. We do not mean to in any way denigrate or belittle anyone with mental illness. In fact, we take mental illness very seriously, which is why Mr. Cruise’s ill-informed rant inspired us to create this website. We don’t have anything personally against Mr. Cruise, either. We think he’s a first-class actor and a humanitarian. We did used to worry that he was a misguided zealot, but that’s all. Now we think he’s a dangerous, misguided zealot. […]