One response to “Pet Peeve #3”

  1. Paul Barsic

    I agree. If such a travesty does come to pass, I will organize a constitution burning ceremony on the steps of some capital. It might be my own state capital, it might be E.C.. I hope I never have to make the arrangements.

    Chad, how can I e-mail you? It feels like I am posting notes at a bus station. I have many things to tell you that need not be in the public domain. I have new papers, new hobbies, new obsessions, and new drinking stories. I am recognized by a large portion of the wait staff at a certain bar in my neighborhood. Sometimes the manager will shout, “It’s good to see you again!” when I enter. I swear that I go there no more than twice per month. This is not appropriate material for a flag burning comment! Send me a damn e-mail!

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