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  1. Paul


    Yeah, I agree. No, I’m kidding. I didn’t even know that it was about basketball until you mentioned the Knicks. I’m just filling space with something that may or may not seem to be apropos at first glance. Basketball, eh? Well, erm…three pointer and full court press. Ref? Free throw. March madness. Playoffs. Really tall men in baggy shorts. Did you know that the Lakers were originally a Minneapolis team? Yeah, plenty of lakes within the city limits here, no lakes in Los Angeles. The real topic of my comment is below. (I don’t know if you check the e-mail address listed at the bottom of this page. Do you?)

    I am traveling to Denver from March 5th – 9th for an American Physical Society (APS) conference. I would like to see you while I am in town. I am free in the evenings.

    Would you help me find a place to stay? I am having grant money problems. I think that I can get my flight covered, but I may be on my own for lodging. It may be necessary to stay with people I know and rent a car to commute into downtown Denver (yeah, I know…). I understand that you have a young family which would make it very difficult to host a guest for 4 days. I know enough people in Denver (Tyler, your parents, etc.) that I could sleep on a different sofa every night. I don’t snore or sleepwalk. Would you help me contact these people?

    You’re comment form has a spell Czech. Their is know grammar, syntax, oar semantic Czech.


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