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  1. Pei Pierdahll

    Let me add my thanks! I love when we help ourselves, when Big Business leaves us out in the cold. One important thing, though:

    DON’T SKIP the stir!!!! In fact, I tend to stir the first time after around 3 minutes, (when it’s then pasta pie crust lol) and then get the other stir(s) in later.

  2. noni

    thank you…thank you …had been tryonmg to figure this out on my own so thank you thank you

  3. Lori

    I sliced my potatoes thin lengthwise and browned them on my Foreman Grill. No stove or oven in my dorm room. :*( Thanks for the microwave tips, it’ll be a lifesaver.

  4. Kelly

    Thank you so much for your effort!!!! I am very grateful – particularly when it is so hot & humid – don’t want to turn on the stove.

  5. Ashley

    Many, many thanks from a United States Navy sailor. As a teenager cooking for my 4 younger siblings, hamburger helpers were always my go to meals. Now, very far from home and not senior enough to have a place of my own and not particularly found of galley food, I am glad I can make a piece of home in my little barracks room.

  6. Keitha

    Thanks for the Tuna Fettaccine Alfredo instructions. I am a microwave mommy, using these instructions helps me a lot as I am basically a lazy cook! Many thanks!

  7. Cheryl Nagy

    Thanks so much for this, I could not find the way to do these in the microwave once it was taken off the box. Betty Crocker said they changed the recipe which is not true! Again, thanks!!!

  8. Cheryl Nagy

    I also used some canned chicken in the tuna pasta, it was just as good, use in the creamy broocli too! This note vrom Cheryl Nagy

  9. Sheri

    Thank you so much for posting this! What were they thinking taking it off the boxes??

  10. Ava Whitman

    So very thankful that I found your site!!! My stove is broke! Thank you sooo much! Couldn’t find microwave instructions on Betty Crocker. :)

  11. Barb

    They took the microwave instructions off the box so people will buy the microwave singles – people will assume it’s not microwavable!

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