3 responses to “My Poor Baby”

  1. Melissa

    In all honesty, if she was acting alright, chances are that you didn’t make it worse but once those muscles started reacting to the break and trying to realign properly, they spasm and that is likely what started causing her pain. With young children, it’s very hard to know whether something is broken without an x-ray unless there is an obvious deformity. Collarbones are pretty easy to break, but the growth plate in her shoulder may require more if it is completely broken through. Otherwise, it may heal on its own without problems. Just make sure the docs don’t think there’s an underlying problem that would cause a break from a short fall. Maybe she just landed wrong (arm outstretched to catch herself) but it’s definitely worth asking.

  2. Anna

    Don’t worry – you did exactly what most real parents would do. I can see myself in the same situation. You did nothing wrong and the doctors can kiss your rear end for their judgmentalness. (I read Jennie’s facebook entry) She’ll be just fine. =) Love you all!!

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