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  1. ColdForged

    Haven’t tried it, but nifty concept and definitely a delightfully pithy name :).

  2. c

    Spiffy! It’s worth noting that slippery posts still appear in one’s feeds — which only makes sense, but one might expect otherwise.

    I haven’t looked into how you’re accomplishing the slipperiness, but am I right that they’re still figured in to WP’s post-count? e.g. Mine is set to display 5 posts/page, but with a recent slippery post, the front page only displays 4 entries.

  3. Tom

    This is great! thanks so much.

    A comment/suggestion.

    would be cool to see “Slippery: ” on the Manage->Posts page. similar to seeing “Sticky:”

    i think it would be a great function for a user.

    I’m planning on digging through the code, i’ll post any results if you want them.

    take it easy.

  4. The Uncooperative Blogger

    It works as advertised in wp! Thanks!

  5. hannah

    works wonderfully. thanks!

  6. elran

    thanks, i had no problems getting solvent 0.5 to work on WP –

    i use it to display my “site news” in a seperate category, so that it doesn’t end up in between regular posts/articles on the main page.

    no apparent conflicts with any of the following plugins:


  7. Neweol

    I’m using Solvent with 1.5.2 and it works great.
    However, I did a quick mod to get it to suit my purposes. I wanted the default to be that posts DON’T go on the front page. To do that, I edited the solvent.php is the following ways:

    changed (line 83):
    if (!in_array($post->ID, $slippers))
    if (in_array($post->ID, $slippers))

    changed (line 107):
    Front Page

    Might be useful to someone else out there…
    Thanks again for the great plugin.

  8. Kimiko the Furball


    I’ve been looking for a plugin like this for awhile and I thought it was going to work great. Sure, it does hide the posts from the front page. But it doesn’t “skip” the post, so if you enable the “slip” option on the last 10 posts and you only show 4 posts per page, you are going to get an error message saying that the search didn’t return any results (no stories).

  9. David

    I’m trying to get Solvent to work with RSS.. it’s just what I need.. however, adding an “is_feed” or clause doesn’t seem to help.. wp-rss2.php (for example) pulls the posts differently to the index page.. any ideas?

    – David

  10. yuval

    Using wp 1.5.2, I had to make the following change (diff format follows):

    if(preg_match('|post.php|i', $_SERVER['SCRIPT_URL']) && $_REQUEST['action'] == 'edit')

    I am no WordPress/PHP programmer, but I hope this change is in place. It did it for me 🙂

  11. yuval

    Using wp 1.5.2, in line 99, I had to change SCRIPTNAME to SCRIPTURL.

  12. EnlaceZapatista

    Man, thanks! we love you!

    your plug-in save our live!!!

    it’s fantastic! it works perfect!


  13. Lance Brown


    I love this plugin, but it does appear that you are right in assuming it doesn’t work in WP 2.0. I don’t see the option on the post page anymore, and my attempts to add a custom field to make the post slippery were unsuccessful.

    Is there any chance you could point the way to how I can patch or fix Solvent for 2.0? I’m itchin’ to have it working again ASAP. It was quite the jolt to see that it wasn’t. 🙁

    Any pointers you could give would be great.

  14. Garrett

    Hi Chad,
    I’ve upgraded to 2.0 and I still have the slippery option. The only problem is my mp3 link does not work when I choose it. If I leave slippery unmarked and the post hits the home page and the mp3 link works. Any idea what the problem is?
    Thanks, Garrett

  15. Vixx

    Hi. 🙂

    Is there any word yet on a 2.0 version? I’m new to this plugin, but on installation I’ve had no extra option appear after activating it.

    I have my fingers crossed!

  16. WindyWeather

    I too am using Solvent with WP 2.0.3,4 and I have not noticed issues with it. The reason that I use Solvent rather than Front Page Categories is that I, and my clients, want to post articles that show up in archives, via the category and other navigation, but not on the front page.
    Front Page Categories requires setting a special category and this category appears in the category list. Also there is some confusion about whether that “past events” category must be the only category for a post that is to be “slippery”. There are a number of reasons for tossing an article off the front page, and not all of them have to do with any particular category.
    Solvent is much cleaner, or articles are much cleaner when posted with Solvent, or something like that… 😉

    Solvent Lives on.

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